Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair in Vernon BC

We Fix Door Dings, Dents, Creases, and More

Door dings? Creases? Our dent repair service can remove those dents without filler and paint. Your vehicles original finish is preserved so there is no need to repaint. By accessing the dent from behind with our specialized, proprietary tools, our technicians are able to massage out the dent quickly, economically, and without damaging the environment, since we use no chemicals or paint, only tools to remove your dent.

Auto Cosmedics’s PDR process involves the use of custom designed tools. To begin the repair process, a dent technician must first examine the dented area looking for damage to the paint or to see if the metal has been stretched beyond repair. We then use custom tools to slowly massage the dent from behind bringing the metal back to it’s original position. Afterwards we polish, if necessary any paint marks left from the other vehicle. The PDR process can take up to about 1 hour for normal repairs. Larger dents will naturally take longer.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • 80% of vehicles on the road today have dings and dents on them.
  • Our cost can be less than most insurance deductibles.
  • We can repair your vehicle for as little as 1/3 of the cost of a conventional auto body shop.
  • The results are amazing! We guarantee it; if you are not happy you don’t pay!